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i have a friend she has a very large problem now before i get too much into this yes her problem has alot to do with metaphysics more commonly known as magick

my friend is in love with two guys

she fell in love with J first but she was messed up in the head then and kinda scared him, she met A second and was less messed up because of J's friendship with her

she knows J offline but A she met online and has never met, she fell in love with him all the same and has talked with him on the phone and see him over web cam over a instant messenger she knows cannot be tricked into playing a recording

due to cercumstances beyond her control she lost touch with J and during that time got engaged to A over the internet

however she loves J and A equally for almost the same reasons

the magick comes in in that she is very powerful but due to some things is completely sheilded off with no saftey vent or control or balance to her power, to add to this she is a negative energy converter which means her sheilds are constantly being filled with raw magick,

for some reason to help her she soulbonded to these two guys, J provides a safe release for the power while A is what keeps it all in blance

J basically is the dark side and A is the light side with her in between

she really doesnt want to choose and J is actually okay with sharing her in all meaning of the word however A doesnt mind sharing her with him in terms of hanging out but he doesnt want to share her any further

she personally would rather be open to them both for all things

what should she do?
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